Tribe Profile
Season 'Survivor: Battleground'
Namesake A flower from Hawaii
Tribe Type Starting Tribe
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe(s) Lokelani
Tribe Status Merged with Lokelani & Mokihana on Day 23 to create Kanua'oa
Challenge Wins 7
Lowest Placing Member Porter Whelan (18/18)
Highest Placing Member Eudyn Diaz (4/18)

'Ilima is a starting tribe on Survivor: Caldera.

Members[edit | edit source]

Original[edit | edit source]

 Aarthi Patel
27, Hanlontown, IA
Aarthi S3.png
 Carson Ross
32, Eagan, MN
Carson S3.png
 Eudyn Diaz
25, Anchor Point, AL
Eudyn S3.png
 Mallory Snipes
35, New York, NY
Mallory S3.png
 Porter Whelan
42, Rural Hill, NC
Porter S3.png
 Shannon Matheson
31, Dana, MA
Shannon S3.png

Swapped[edit | edit source]

 Aarthi Patel
Aarthi S3.png
 Eudyn Diaz
Eudyn S3.png
 Remi Colon
Remi S3.png
 Willow Terry
Willow S3.png
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