The Player of the Season award is awarded to a player (sometimes two) by the host of the season. It is given to a player that they feel played a noteworthy game or deserved some sort of recognition for their gameplay. The award first started in Survivor: World of War, and is an optional award given out by hosts.

The Fan Favorite Award is featured in most seasons. After the season a poll is set up for the community to vote on who their favorite player of the season was. The award was introduced in Survivor: World of War. Since then, it has been an on and off tradition for seasons to include.

Award WinnersEdit

Finale Season Placements
Season Winner Runner-Up
World of War Christina S1
Christina Ross (7)
Marley S1
Marley Bolton (0)
Battleground Fiona S2
Fiona Bright (5)
Amon S2
Amon Graves (4)
Caldera Garrison S3
Garrison Briggs (4)
Jeanna S3
Jeanna Bower (3)
Armageddon Ibraheim S4
Ibraheim Fuller (5)
Maggie S4
Maggie Hawkins (4)
Colosseum Nico S5
Nico Mines (5)
Sharron S5
Sharron Lewis (4)
Civil War Maggie S6
Maggie Hawkins (6)
Anamelia S6
Anamelia Mendoza (3)
Shíliù Guó Sahib S7
Sahib Gill (8)
EJ Daniels (1)
Challengers vs. Champions Megan S8
Megan Rapinoe (5)
Bo S8
Bo Hughes (4)
Anarchy Paige S9
Paige Quorta (6)
Larissa S9
Larissa La Dara (3)
Titanomachy Yasmin S10
Yasmin Ward (8.25)
Mark S10
Mark Bauer (6.75)
Bahaghari Asten S11
Asten Brenig (4)
Nettie S11
Nettie Graves (3)
Bastille Serena S12
Serena Williams (9)
Liza S12
Liza Koshy (0)
Austerlitz Nany S13
Nany Gonzalez (4)
Leroy S13
Leroy Garrett (0)
Player of the Season Award
Yasmin S1
Yasmin Ward
Mark S1
Mark Bauer
Roark S2
Roark Brennan
Rowan S2
Rowan Stanton
Mallory S3
Mallory Snipes
Thomas S3
Thomas Brag
Oniyah S4
Oniyah Mejia
Stephen S4
Stephen Gardner
Piper S5
Piper Mann
Logan S5
Logan Wright
Nam S6
Nam Min-Jae
Brandon S6
Brandon Hawkins
Navya S7
Navya Alexander
Jiho S7
Jiho Min-Jae
Arcadia S8
Arcadia Simmons
Michael S8
Michael Phelps
Navya S9
Navya Alexander
Antoni S9
Antoni La Dara
Theresa S10
Theresa Manning
Shawn S10
Shawn Mendes
Morgan S11
Morgan Figueroa
Samer S11
Samer Johnson
Christy S12
Christy Sutton
Eugene S12
Eugene Lee Yang
Christy S13
Christy Sutton
Samer S13
Samer Johnson
Fan Favorite Award
Emma Lynn S1
Emma Lynn Booth
Jackson S1
Jackson Cooper
Hannah S2
Hannah Rossi
Wil S2
Wil Howells
Aarthi S3
Aarthi Patel
Eudyn S3
Eudyn Diaz
Di S4
Di Khan
Loren S4
Loren Rossi
Gallina S5
Gallina Turgenev
Amar S5
Amar Zani
Sharron S6
Sharron Lewis
Jiho S6
Jiho Min-Jae
Jeri S7
Jeri Porter
Austin S7
Austin McCarthy
Theresa S8
Theresa Manning
Shawn S8
Shawn Mendes
Mallory S9
Mallory Snipes
Austin S9
Austin McCarthy
Arcadia S10
Arcadia Simmons
Jiho S10
Jiho Min-Jae
Tilly S11
Tilly Santos
Lucian S11
Lucian Perry
Wanda S12
Wanda Sykes
Bear S12
Bear Grylls
Alivia S13
Alivia Hunter
Jordan S13
Jordan Wisely
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