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Chorik чирок
Tribe Profile
Season 'Survivor: World of War'
Namesake The word "teal" in Russian
Tribe Type Starting Tribe
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe(s) Korich
Tribe Status Merged with Korich on Day 21 to create Purpur
Challenge Wins 5
Lowest Placing Member Miranda Miller (16/20)
Highest Placing Member Rowan Stanton (4/20)

Chorik (чирок) is a starting tribe on Survivor: Battleground.



 Carlos White
37, Garland, TX
Carlos S2.png
 Ezra Bourne
22, Ann Arbor, MI
Ezra S2.png
 Kelly Williams
64, Miami, FL
Kelly S2.png
 Martin Pace
56, New York, NY
Martin S2.png
 Micki Sherman
28, Reno, NV
Micki S2.png
 Miranda Miller
55, Victor, NY
Miranda S2.png
 Morgan Jones
25, Juno, AS
Morgan S2.png
 Roark Brennan
22, Los Angeles, CA
Roark S2.png
 Rowan Stanton
26, Rockland, MN
Rowan S2.png
 Shannon Michaels
31, Chicago, IL
Shannon S2.png

Challenge History[]

Episode Challenges
Immunity W/L
1 "Battleground Ep. 1" By Any Means Win
2 "Battleground Ep. 2" Gate Crasher Win
3 "Battleground Ep. 3" Sumo at Sea Win
4 "Battleground Ep. 4" Dive Masters Win
5 "Battleground Ep. 5" Kicking & Screaming Lose
6 "Battleground Ep. 6" Swing Break Win
7 "Battleground Ep. 7" Barrel Bridge Lose
8 "Battleground Ep. 8" Get a Grip Micki