Tribe Profile
Season 'Survivor: Caldera'
Namesake A flower from Hawaii
Tribe Type Merged Tribe
Day Formed Day 23
Tribe Status 'Ilima, Lokelani & Mokihana merged on Day 23 to create Kanua'oa
Lowest Placing Member Nam Min-Jae (10/20)
Highest Placing Member TBD (1/20)

Kanua'oa is the merge tribe on Survivor: Caldera.

Members[edit | edit source]

Original[edit | edit source]

 Aarthi Patel
Aarthi S3.png
 Bianca Harris
Bianca S3.png
 Eudyn Diaz
Eudyn S3.png
 Garrison Briggs
Garrison S3.png
 Jeanna Bower
Jeanna S3.png
 Mallory Snipes
Mallory S3.png
 Nam Min-Jae
Nam S3.png
 Thomas Brag
Thomas S3.png
 Willow Terry
Willow S3.png
 Xander Ellis
Xander S3.png

Challenge History[edit | edit source]

Episode Challenges
Reward W/L
9 "Battleground Ep. 9" This Much Rowan
10 "Battleground Ep. 10" Last Gasp Fiona
11 "Battleground Ep. 11" A Leg Up Shannon
12 "Battleground Ep. 12" Sea Leg Kelly
13 "Battleground Ep. 13" Memory Wil
14 "Battleground Ep. 14" Coconut Juice Rowan
15 "Battleground Ep. 15" Puzzle Dig Fiona
Uncomfortably Numb Amon
Hands on Idol Amon
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