Korich коричневый
Tribe Profile
Season 'Survivor: World of War'
Namesake The word "brown" in Russian
Tribe Type Starting Tribe
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe(s) Chorik
Tribe Status Merged with Chorik on Day 21 to create Purpur
Challenge Wins 2
Lowest Placing Member Mina Todd (20/20)
Highest Placing Member Fiona Bright (1/20)

Korich (коричневый) is a starting tribe on Survivor: Battleground.



 Alex Wright
36, Morrisville, NY
Alex S2
 Amon Graves
32, Falcon, CO
Amon S2
 Evan Montgomery
31, Nebo, IL
Evan S2
 Fiona Bright
29, Buckley, WA
Fiona S2
 Gabriel Parker
41, Meadville, PA
Gabriel S2
 Hannah Rossi
24, New York, NY
Hannah S2
 Mina Todd
35, Oakville, WV
Mina S2
 Piper Mann
28, Hakalau, HW
Piper S2
 Wil Howells
27, Nashville, TN
Wil S2
 Xiomara De Rio
25, Erie, PA
Xiomara S2

Challenge HistoryEdit

Episode Challenges
Immunity W/L
1 "Battleground Ep. 1" By Any Means Lose
2 "Battleground Ep. 2" Gate Crasher Lose
3 "Battleground Ep. 3" Sumo at Sea Lose
4 "Battleground Ep. 4" Dive Masters Lose
5 "Battleground Ep. 5" Kicking & Screaming Win
6 "Battleground Ep. 6" Swing Break Lose
7 "Battleground Ep. 7" Barrel Bridge Win
8 "Battleground Ep. 8" Get a Grip Amon
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