Palgan 빨간
Tribe Profile
Season 'Survivor: World of War'
Namesake The word "red" in Korean
Tribe Type Mergegd Tribe
Day Formed Day 22
Tribe Status Puluen & Nogsaeg merged on Day 22 to create Palgan
Lowest Placing Member Sakura Lee (9/16)
Highest Placing Member Christina Ross (1/16)

Palgan (빨간) is the mergeg tribe on Survivor: World of War.

Members[edit | edit source]

Original[edit | edit source]

 Christina Ross
Christina S1.png
 Emma Lynn Booth
Emma Lynn S1.png
 Jackson Cooper
Jackson S1.png
 Mark Bauer
Mark S1.png
 Marley Bolton
Marley S1.png
 Raj Patel
Raj S1.png
 Sakura Lee
Sakura S1.png
 Yasmin Ward
Yasmin S1.png
 Zora Knight
Zora S1.png

Challenge History[edit | edit source]

Episode Challenges
Reward W/L Immunity W/L
8 "World of War Ep. 8" Around the Bend Emma
9 "World of War Ep. 9" Coconut Juice Christina Uncomfortably Numb Raj
10 "World of War Ep. 10" Survivor Quiz Show Christina
11 "World of War Ep. 11" Puzzle Dig Raj Sea Lesg Raj
12 "World of War Ep. 12" A Big Tipsy Yasmin
13 "World of War Ep. 13" Memory Marley
Hands on Idol Marley
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