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Purpur пурпурный
Tribe Profile
Season 'Survivor: Battleground'
Namesake A version of the word "purple" in Russian
Tribe Type Merged Tribe
Day Formed Day 21
Tribe Status Chorik & Korich merged on Day 21 to create Purpur
Lowest Placing Member Micki Sherman (11/20)
Highest Placing Member Fiona Bright (1/20)

Purpur (пурпурный) is the merge tribe on Survivor: Battleground.



 Alex Wright
Alex S2.png
 Amon Graves
Amon S2.png
 Ezra Bourne
Ezra S2.png
 Fiona Bright
Fiona S2.png
 Hannah Rossi
Hannah S2.png
 Kelly Williams
Kelly S2.png
 Micki Sherman
Micki S2.png
 Roark Brennan
Roark S2.png
 Rowan Stanton
Rowan S2.png
 Shannon Michaels
Shannon S2.png
 Wil Howells
Wil S2.png

Challenge History[]

Episode Challenges
Reward W/L
9 "Battleground Ep. 9" This Much Rowan
10 "Battleground Ep. 10" Last Gasp Fiona
11 "Battleground Ep. 11" A Leg Up Shannon
12 "Battleground Ep. 12" Sea Leg Kelly
13 "Battleground Ep. 13" Memory Wil
14 "Battleground Ep. 14" Coconut Juice Rowan
15 "Battleground Ep. 15" Puzzle Dig Fiona
Uncomfortably Numb Amon
Hands on Idol Amon